GreenLight™ Laser Prostatectomy

What is GreenLight™ Laser Prostatectomy?

This is a minimally invasive operation to treat an enlarged, usually non-cancerous, prostate. It involves the use of a special laser that vaporises prostate tissue. It is performed under general anaesthetic. This technique has the advantage of decreasing the blood loss compared to traditional methods and is most useful in people on blood thinners including Plavix, Warfarin, Effient, Eliquis, Pradaxa and Xarelto. Some of these medications may still need to be stopped prior to surgery, but the time off these medications may be minimised. Your urologist will discuss this with you.

What are the alternatives?

If this surgery has been recommended to you it is because medical therapy has failed or is not appropriate for your situation. The surgical alternatives are transurethral resection (TURP) or open prostatectomy.

Are there any disadvantages to GreenLight laser prostate treatment compared with traditional methods?

As the prostate tissue is vaporised, there is no prostate tissue to collect and send away for examination by a pathologist. Robust long-term data is not available regarding the need for repeat surgery.

Will I need a catheter after my surgery?

A catheter or urine drain is placed in the penis for urine drainage and is usually removed prior to discharge on day 1 or 2 after surgery. Occasionally a catheter needs to be in place for a longer period particularly if you are unable to pass water immediately after your surgery.

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