Ureteric Stent

What is a ureteric stent?

A ureteric stent is a temporary, small-diameter hollow tube that is inserted into the ureter via the bladder. The bladder is accessed by means of a telescope under general anaesthetic (cystoscopy). The purpose of the stent is to unblock the kidney.

What will I feel after the insertion of a stent?

Most patients feel relief, largely because the pain they experienced before the stent was inserted has gone. Some patients do experience “stent irritation” symptoms, which may result in back pain when passing urine and a desire for frequent urination. This usually settles with time. Patients will also see blood stained urine intermittently while the stent is in place.

How long does the stent stay in place?

A ureteric stent usually stays in place for between 1 to 3 weeks, and apart from relieving pain, has the benefit of clearing infection and making the internal passage wider so that the stone can subsequently be removed with greater ease.

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